WordPress Plugin — Sample Post

This is a sample post, meant to demonstrate the WordPress Plugin (WCCWPPI). Embedded in this post is a simple WCCWPPI ‘anchor tag’ that led to the appearance of this interesting item listed on eBay right now.

For more information about the free WordPress Plugin, check out the general information page. You’ll also find a link there to email us with any questions you may have.

Shameless plug: If you like to shop or sell on eBay, please check out our eBay auctions ending soon search tool which can help you uncover auctions with no bids but ending within minutes or hours. Such items can contain bargains overlooked by most eBay shoppers and thus available for purchase at opening-bid prices. (Some sellers regularly search for these kinds of items to flip on eBay — aka “eBay arbitrage”.)

If you’re viewing this post on the blog lined up with other/previous posts, you’ll see the WCCWPPI in the sidebar as well, showing most popular eBay items based on global keywords set on the blog’s Admin/Settings page.

(Please note: the slow display speed of this demo blog is due solely to our discounted hosting plan, not the use of the WordPress Plugin.)

If you’re viewing this post on a single-post blog page, the sidebar widget display will show most popular eBay items based on this particular post’s tags. (Cool, eh?)

In addition to being able to display most popular/watched eBay items and auctions (or any specific eBay item) the WCCWPPI can also be configured to show items from any particular eBay seller, such as yourself, or the primary eBay Daily Deals.

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Global Conversations Blog Launches!

At last! We’ve just launched the Global Conversations WordPress blog.

Ok, more info about the site forthcoming…

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